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Beyond The Massage Table - ebook

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Are you a health or wellness practitioner looking to take your business online?

You probably already have great skills you can use to create a new business, you just might not realize it!

You don’t need to go back to get another diploma in order to start a new career or take your skills online! After all, you’re more than just a job title, and you can use your years of experience to create a profitable business.

Whether you’re looking to supplement your existing income or create a whole new full-time business, this book will teach you how.

What’s included? 

✅ 28 pages of real-world experience and advice.

This book is based on my own experiences going from Registered Massage Therapist to online business owner. Now I’m sharing those secrets with you!

✅ Multiple worksheets to get those ideas out!

Creating a new business can be frustrating or scary, but it doesn’t have to be! I include several exercises to get your ideas out on paper and help you see what skills you already have that can form the basis of your new business venture.

✅ A checklist to bring your business to life.

You need a plan, and I can help you with that! I include a checklist to go from idea to income, no matter what kind of online business you want to have.


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